INOW token


Invest now online is small private group of reseachers of mathematical patterns of the cryptocurrency market . We are exchanging different cryptocurrencies, for example BTC to LTC, LTC to ETH etc. In result we are have increasing amount of BTC.

INOW is token-share of our group

INOW holders receiving dividends from each transaction in WAVES, the amount equivalent to the increase in BTC

Dividends interval from 2 weeks to  2 month,  depending on the situation in the crypto market

Number of holders -  29

Amount of sold INOW - 6048.6164

INOW price - 0.32448 US $

INOW market capitalisation - 1962.66 US $

Amount of dividends in US $ average  - 12%

Amount of dividends in Waves average  - 7,59%

List of paid dividends

 How to buy INOW and How to sell INOW

You can free receiving 1 INOW in Air drop